Holy Week

A message from Fr. Henry

Dear sisters & brothers,

It is no doubt we are in very unusual times – what a strange way to be entering into the Easter week and celebrations. This is the great feast of our faith & we can’t get together to celebrate. I certainly miss the weekly connections with you all. I believe it is no different for every one of you.

Instead of seeing ourselves or thinking of our systems as being paralyzed, I invite you to think of this week (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday) as CHRISTIAN ACTION WEEK. Don’t feel paralyzed. Take some Christian action this week.  Follow the example of the master. This is the week Jesus took the greatest ACTS of ministry in his life for our salvation.

In place of a homily that I would be preaching in normal times, I am keeping it simple by asking you to consider the ACTIONS Jesus takes this week for our sake. Then I ask you to consider a variety of possible actions you too could take daily this week to make it your Christian Action week. St. Patrick family is noted as a lively family community. That must not die particularly during this week. Make a FAITH connection, Make a social connection. Call, reach out to others. Think of someone else.

HOLY WEEK - 2020

Holy Week is always a week of Christian Action. The actions of Jesus Christ.

This is the week that:

  • Jesus willingly hands himself over
  • Jesus celebrates Passover with his disciples
  • Jesus institutes the Holy Eucharist
  • Jesus gives the command to “.. do this in memory of me”
  • Jesus washes the feet of his disciples
  • Jesus gives the great command – to love one another as I have loved you
  • Jesus sheds his Blood for us
  • Jesus dies for us
  • Jesus rises from the dead
  • Jesus defeats death – SIN
  • Jesus gives us New Life.

Let’s turn the COVID-19 Lockdown into a period of Christian Action.

Action activities:

  • Get on your knees & thank God for:
    • His gift of life
    • His love of you
    • For the redeeming work/deeds of Christ
  • Read your scripture/bible
  • Attend a TV mass, a youtube mass …
  • Say a prayer - one decade of the rosary a day
  • Call a friend, a neighbor, Call 3 to 5 other parishioners to check on them
    • Make it a Faith connection
    • Make it a social connection
    • While social distancing - by a call, break the social distance.
  • Send a church offering/donation –
    • mail it today,
    • drop it off today at the church,
    • do online giving today.
  • Tell a family member – you are sorry for raising your voice at them
  • Take some action today as your way of washing someone else’s feet as Jesus did
  • Ask the grace of endurance/perseverance in bearing with others during this lockdown
  • Ask the grace of charity – to grow in love esp. in the family
  • Call the family member, neighbor you have avoided in years – never spoke to …
  • Ask pardon for your faults/sins
  • Ask the grace of reconciliation
  • Make a sincere personal confession to God.



*L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N* is a time to:

*L*-isten to God's voice and reflect. 

*O*-bey His word and His teachings.

*C*-all on Jesus name and be calmed.

*K*-now what is the purpose of all this.

*D*-o well in His presence. Do not panic.

*O*-ffer a prayer for everyone's safety.

*W*-ait and be patient. This too shall pass.

*N*-urture our personal relationship with Him.


Please Pass the word around to family and friends. God bless us all 



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